Other Underlayments 

Redupax is a certified underlayment system that has been designed to meet the requirements of parquet and wood laminate flooring
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Paladin Wood Floor Underlayment

Same as Redupax except only 4mm thick, for floated engineered hardwood
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jumpax2 jumpax2 Jumpax Vinyl & VCT Underlayment

Designed for use under vinyl & VCT flooring, hard stable glue top panel, acoustic bottom panel
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VC300 Vinyl & VCT Underlayment

Designed for use under glue down vinyl, linoleum & VCT flooring.  Contains no rubber so plasticize migration will not occur.  Very stable and dense will not deform under loads.
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Soundeater Nail-Down Hardwood Underlayment

Designed for solid nail down flooring, includes nailers & impact isolation material
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CeraZorb Ceramic Tile Underlayment

For use under ceramic tile, synthetic cork underlayment, excellent acoustics & crack prevention
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Cera Silence Marble & Stone Underlayment

For use under marble, tile and natural stone, very high acoustical IIC ratings
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