What is Superfloor and how does it compare to other carpet pads?

Superfloor is a premium carpet pad underlayment designed for use under carpet & carpet tiles to reduce the transfer of vibration caused by foot traffic noise through the floor. Superfloor is unlike any other carpet underlayment pad in the market today. Most carpet pads are made from foam or rubber and wear out very fast causing wear paths and eventually cause the carpet to wear out. Superfloor is made from 100% wood fiber and will not compress down and deteriorate like other pads.

My carpet installer has never installed Superfloor carpet pad, is it different than a foam carpet pad installation?

There is no difference in the installation method, except that Superfloor comes in sheets and not a roll. Superfloor is easily cut with a utility knife and can be stapled down to the sub floor. (max staples 2-3 per sheet)

What happens if I spill water on my carpet will it effect the Superfloor?

Superfloor has been manufactured so that is it moisture & mold resistant. Casual spillage of water will have no effect on Superfloor as long as it is mopped up.

How much does Superfloor cost and where can I buy it?

Superfloor is economically price, homeowners may purchase directly from Sound Seal by calling 1-800-569-1294. For Commercial jobs please call Sound Seal for the nearest Impacta Rep.

What is the warrantee for Superfloor?

Superfloor is warranted for the life of the carpet, in most cases Superfloor Carpet Pad can be re-used after the carpet has worn out.